What to do with your pup when selling your house.



It’s not easy selling your home with all the good memories it holds, and chances are your dog doesn’t want to say goodbye, either. But the time has come to put your property on market, prepare it for viewing and show it off to all the potential buyers that walk through the door.


There’s lots of work to be done if you want to highlight the best features of each room, especially with a pet in residence. It’s not that visitors won’t like your pup, they just want to imagine what it would be like to live there with their own family. Here are some tips to eliminate distractions and make that happen.


Give It a Deep Clean


It’s up to you to make everything fresh and clean before accepting visitors to your open house, otherwise you’re risking a potential sale every time. Luckily, the folks at PetMD have a method for removing your dog’s scent. It begins by separating cushions and pillows from the furniture and vacuuming the hair out of the nooks and crannies before spreading a layer of baking soda over everything. If that fails, call a cleaning service.


Get Rid of Scratches


Your four-legged friend has likely left claw marks on wooden doors, beams and walls throughout the house. To get rid of the lighter scratches, scrape the affected area with steel wool in the direction of the grain. For deeper ones, you’ll need some mineral spirits, filler and varnish to finish the job. This may seem like hard work, but it’s worth it as your house will sell faster and at a higher price with properties’ average cost fetching $818,000 in Castro Valley, California, in the last month.


Tend Your Lawn


Picking up the little prizes your dog left around is just the beginning. You also need to get rid of those unsightly urine marks that stain your lush, green lawn. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, you’re out of luck. The Bark, however, has a few suggestions for keeping them to a minimum, and that involves dousing the spots with water as soon as they appear to dilute the nitrogen that causes the burn. That’s easier if you have a handy rainwater collection system or hose ready for the purpose.


Check Out the Kennel


Your house may be free of traces, except for the dog itself. The best solution is to find a place for your pup to stay for the few hours that the visit lasts. That shouldn’t be too difficult if you have a friend or relative who’s willing to look after them, but doggy daycare could save your tail if not. To make sure it’s right, pay a visit in person and talk to some of the staff. Be sure to ask them about their daily routine and what procedures they have in case of an emergency.


Clean Them Regularly


You’re house isn’t going to stay clean for long once the visit is over, and your dog returns to their normal life. That’s certainly the case if you don’t clean them regularly, and there are many reasons to do that besides having a home on the market. Once considered too often, weekly bathing can help eliminate itchiness by washing away allergens that accumulate in the fur. Just be sure to choose the right shampoo and conditioner to avoid drying out your dog’s skin.


One more tip: Keep ample treats on hand for your puppy during these trying times. They know something’s up, so remind them that they’ll always be loved no matter where you live.


Cindy is a freelance writer and dog lover. She started Ourdogfriends.org as a fun side project for herself and to educate pet owners and potential pet owners about how dogs can enrich our lives. She enjoys writing about dogs and pet ownership.